Contact us – we’re here and ready to listen

Some people like to use the web as a resource for answers. If that’s you, then you can chat with us or send us an email to make sure your comments, concerns and/or inquiries are heard. If, on the other hand, you are someone who needs to talk to us in person, we’re good with that, too. We always look forward to speaking with our customers.

Anyone of our Board Members is availble for questions or Comments.  Our Contact information is below:

Richard Von Minden
United Community Bank
(954) 916-2628

Paul Ihrig
Wells Fargo
(407) 649-5388

Bradley Zinn
Floridian Community Bank
(954) 252-2058


Brandy Lipps
Logic Environmental
(770) 817-0212

Richard McClintock
Chase Business Banking
(561) 630-8947

Debbie Petrell
Florida First Capital Finance Corp.
(561) 756-1745

Sandra Anderson
(727) 828-8018

Hetal Engineer
Evolve Bank & Trust
(407) 758-3926

Lynne Singletary

Rubin Alfaras
Midwest Regional Bank
(813) 748-7926

Vinny Muratore
Capital Growth Solutions