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Formed in 2012 by a dedicated group of Florida SBA lenders and associate members serving the lenders and small business community, FLAGGL provides networking, education, and promotes awareness of all Government Guaranteed Lending Programs to the small business community throughout FL. Loan programs include SBA 7a, 504, Express, USDA, EX-IM, and all other loan programs falling under the SBA umbrella of loan products and services.

FLAGGL’s Vision and Benefits

As the SBA strives to offer more products, enhancements, and streamlined access to capital to serve small business, our lending and associate members often lament they have never seen as many recent changes with the SBA in their career as they do now. As most SBA lenders do not offer in-house training and credit programs as they did in days past, FLAGGL provides an excellent opportunity for SBA lenders of all stripes: Department Managers; Business Development Officers; Underwriters, Processors, Closers; Servicers; and Liquidator. This also provides our associate members serving the lenders and small business community a chance to stay on top of the industry and network with others within the industry.

FLAGGL is a community of lenders, Loan Service providers, and other professionals to help ensure government guaranteed loans are processed, closed, and serviced in accordance with the SBA.

Hosted by FLAGGL, please join this group to share information, ask questions, a lead exchange to share and find loans, job leads, resolve technical issues, etc.

The FLAGGL Mission:

■ Promote the education and training of lenders serving the small business community – providing affordable, timely training to ensure that lenders, packagers, attorneys and other professionals are processing government guaranteed loans in accordance with current rules and regulations of the United States Small Business Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture and to

■ Advance the goals and mission of the United States Small Business Administration by furthering the development of small business concerns, assisting in the delivery of capital to the small business community and conducting public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, or other similar programs.

Kevin Rafferty
Paradise Bank
(561) 392-5444
Vice President
John N. Dunn, Jr.
JND Advisor LLC
(305) 903-3179
Richard T. Donato
Law Office of Richard T. Donato
(954) 964-0000 X 317 richard@rtdlawpa.com
Maureen T. Britz
Atlantic Coast Bank
(386) 503-0538 BritzM@atlanticcoastbank.net
Beth Herdegen
Gulfcoast Business Finance, Inc.
(305) 932-3434 bherdegen@gulfcoastbiz.com

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